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Press Coverage and Releases from CITE Conference & Expo, 2013

press coverage

San Francisco Chronicle: When workers prefer their own technology
Houston Chronicle: Workers, employers often at odds over personal devices
The Wall Street Journal-CIO Journal: WellPoint Tries to Avoid Another Mobile ‘Crapplication’
The Wall Street Journal-CIO Journal: NASA Looks to ‘Discover New Worlds’ with Consumer Technology
Eweek:Key Takeaways from CITE Consumerization of IT Conference
GigaOm: 4 tips for developing applications that end users will actually end up using
Computerworld:The next corporate revolution will be power to the peons
Tabtimes: Northrop Gruman Chief Technologist says IT ‘dinosaur’ has to adapt to consumerization
ITworld: Bad Apps can Stifle Mobility Efforts
Computerworld: The time is right for an 'IT petting zoo'
FierceMobileIT: Spotlight: Starz says no to dual persona smartphones
Network World: 6 great videos from CITE 2013
CITEworld: INTERVIEW: Gary Hamel on hacking management
CITEworld: Need a better audit trail? Try an enterprise social network

press releases

That's a Wrap. Business and Technology Thought Leaders Define Future of Consumer-Like Technologies in the Enterprise at 2-Day CITE Conference + Expo'